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Scroll down for photos of the Bear on Fox Island...

Photo Gallery Page 2 'Sunsets'

Fox Island Gateway  
Gateway to the Island

Tanglewood Island Lighthouse - Fox Island, WA
Tanglewood Island Lighthouse
by Ted Minnaar (784) 495-2562

This photo, submitted by Fox Islander Ron Sherman, was taken of a sunset from the deck of their Fox Island home. 
He sent it to King-5 Weatherpix and it was selected
for showing on the evening news. 

The Bear on Fox Island!
Looking for something to eat, 4/28/00.

The "Fox Island Bear"
The "Fox Island Bear" visited the Webmaster's yard on 4/30/00.

Heather Ohlson's rendition of the "Bear By The Swing Set".
fi_aerialbr.JPG (11880 bytes) 
Fox Island, Looking East, June, 1993
fi_aerialmtn.JPG (11368 bytes)
Mt. Rainier in the distance; June, 1993

Fox Island Boat Ramp
ncc.JPG (8716 bytes)
The Nichols Center
fi_deer.JPG (7501 bytes)
Deer on Manito Drive
Yacht Club
Fox Island Yacht Club
cabin.JPG (15689 bytes)
Acheson Cabin
museum.JPG (11874 bytes)
The Museum

chapelrainbow_sm.jpg (20114 bytes)
The Chapel on Echo Bay

alliance_church.JPG (12497 bytes)
Alliance Church

ferry_landing.JPG (9149 bytes)
Old Ferry Landing

Easter Egg Hunt
Easter Egg Hunt at the Nichols Center

Good News Club
Helen Ost & Good News Club

Christmas Tree Lighting
Christmas Tree Lighting

aerobics.JPG (10087 bytes)
Main auditorium at Nichols Center

Moving Day, 
Fox Island Style

This new Island resident took moving seriously... They were recently moving to Tanglewood Island, and hired a landing craft to ferry the U-haul truck from the Fox Island boat launch to Tanglewood Island.

On the way to Tanglewood Island...

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